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The Monitoring and Complaints Unit is considered the competent quarter in the National Center for Human Rights regarding the receipt of the complaints; requests for legal assistance; notifications; appeals; and statements of opinion; condemnation and decrying of any violation of human rights. The Unit also provides legal advise to those who seek it. It also investigates the validity of the complaint which is then referred to the Follow-up & ending violation cases Unit, so as to follow-up the complaint with the relevant quarters in order to ends the violations and eliminates their consequences.

The complaints and legal services unit verifies the authenticity of the complaints that are forwarded to it; and follow them up with the concerned quarters; and seek to stop the violations and erase their consequences. It also provides legal counselling to those requesting it.

Incoming complaints to the Unit can be made through the following means: 

  1. The electronic site of the Center by completing the special form for this purpose.
  2. The telephone number of the center stated below.
  3. The 24- hour complaints-receiving hotline.
  4. Coming in person to the Center at the address stated below.

It is to be noted that according to article 11 (A) of the law of the Center, all complaints are looked into in complete confidentiality.

Dear complainant / seeker of legal assistance,

Please state your name and address to enable us contact you, since the Center does not deal with any complaint or request that does not state the name of its sender ( According to article 11 (C) of  the law of the center).




Name of Complainant(s):

Name of Victim(s):

Current Address:



Postal Address:


Name of So-Called Defendant(s):


Facts of the complaint / request
(please state these in detail, and
provide us with evidence and supporting
documents that authenticate this):

Information regarding the means that
were used and the quarters that were
approached to erase the violation:

Admition of complainants To the General
Commissioner of the National Center
for Human Rights I hope my complaint will
be accepted and I accept any procedures
taken to eliminate Human Rights Violation:

* Required
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