Budget 2007

The Budget of The National Centre for Human Rights
for the Year 2007 in Jordanian Dinars

No. Amount Statement
1. Revenues  
  The allocation by the state general budget 319014
  Total revenues 319014
2. Expenditures  
  Salaries 178860
  Remunerations (Commissioner – General) 12000
  Social security contributions 15754
  Total expenses of salaries and wages 206614
3. Stationery, supplies & publications  
  Stationery 6500
  Publications 4500
  Office supplies 2500
  Total expenses of stationery, supplies & publications 13500
4. Other expenses  
  Training expenses (Capacity-building for the staff of the Centre)
a-External training sessions.
b-Internal training sessions.
c-Bringing in experts
  The expenses of the issuance of the quarterly “Al-Risalah” journal and other expenses 8000
  Subscriptions expenses (internet, newspapers, magazinesmaintenance contracts, work permits, donations) 6200
  Expenses (Panels, conferences, visits of delegations) 8500
  Travel and transport expenses (internally and externally) 6000
  Vehicles expenses (maintenance, spare parts, insurance, fuel) 6500
  Expenses (Electricity, water, telephones, fuel oils) 23000
  Cleaning expenses 3600
  General maintenance and spare parts 6000
  Medical treatments 7500
  Total of the other expenses 85300
  Total expenses without depreciation 305414
  Capitalistic procurements (computers, furniture, offices, photocopiers) 4586
  Estimated final expenses 310000