Who is the president of the JNCHR?

H.E. Prof. Mohammad Adnan Bakhit

Who is the Commissioner General of the JNCHR?

H.E. Dr. Mousa Buraizat 

How can I report cases of human rights violation?

You can report any case of human rights violation though the following means:

  1. Directly contact with the JNCHR on the following phone numbers:
  2. - Landline: 00962 - 6 - 5932257)

    - 24-hour hotline: ( 00962 - 6 - 5920396

    - Toll- Free telephone: 00962 – 080022320

  3. Sending a summery about the complaint or the assistance request as and supporting documents to fax number: 00962- 6 - 5930072 )
  4. Filling out the complaints or the assistance request forms that are available on the NCHR website under icon “electronic Services”.
  5. Appearing in person to request assistance or file a complaint at the following NCHR address: Amman, Zahran Street, Building No 151.
  6. Request assistance or file a complaint through the JNCHR Liaison Officers in the Governorates:
Name Governorate Telephone Number
Bassam Ghneimat Balqa’a 0777004545
Hafiz Al Otoum Jarash 0777406160
Amer Hawatmeh Madaba 0799308315
Habis al Qudah Ajloun 0795409204
Hassan Bazaia’a Aqaba 0799804100
Ibrahim Jfoot Tafileh 0795739906
Sa’ed Shamaileh Zarqa 0795830222
Mtrouk Fawaz Mafraq 0799960047
Yousif Ma’aiteh Aqaba 0776360355 
Amjad Mahameed Ma’an 0777741014
Murad Bustanji Karak 0777313708
Mohammad Bani Hani Irbid 0796655122
What do I do if my question is not answered here?

Please send us your questions, comments or suggestions via clicking on “contact us”

What do you know about the JNCHR?

About NCHR

The National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR) is a public national institution which has a juridical personality with full financial and administrative independence, and carries out its functions and all human rights activities with complete autonomy, including monitoring and receiving complaints, in accordance with its law No. 51 for the year 2006 and its amendments. The Center is accredited with “A Status” by the Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI)

Our Vision

To establish a society where justice, equality, safeguarding human dignity, and protecting public freedoms prevail, in a climate of understanding, tolerance and cooperation, within a framework based on the rule of law.

Our Mision

To protect human rights, promote its culture, monitor its status, provide legal consultations and assistance to those who need it, take administrative and legal measures for addressing complaints relating to human rights violations and transgressions with a view to end them and eliminate their effects, prepare studies and research, provide information, holding seminars and training courses, running campaigns and declare positions, producing statements and publications, and preparing the required reports.


How to keep abreast of the NCHR activities and events?

Through the JNCHR website; under the NCHR calendar of activities and events icon, or contacting the Center directly

How can I get more information about the Center?

For further information about the JNCHR, please visit our website, or through contacting the Center directly via the following means:

  • Landline: 00962 - 6 - 5932257)
  • 24-hour hotline: ( 00962 - 6 - 5920396
  • Toll- Free telephone: 00962 – 080022320
  • Appearing in person at the following NCHR address: Amman, Zahran Street, Building No 151.
  • Email: mail@nchr.org.jo